Bugg's Island/Kerr Reservoir,
Conner Lake & Difficult Creek

Halifax County, Virginia
Difficult Creek is canoeable from Dryburg Road to the Staunton, and can be paddled upstream from Dryburg Road.

Bugg's Island Lake, mentioned frequently above, is formed by the impoundment of the Staunton (Roanoke) River at Bugg's Island Dam. It is accessible in Halifax County through putins on tributaries or at Staunton River State Park and Occoneechee State Park.

For canoe and kayak rentals call River Traders - Bob or Judy Bateman, 434-575-1022.

Halifax County also has a small 100 acre lake with a public boat landing, near Noland Village (Providence). Lake Conner is best known for holding the state record largemouth bass (16 pounds, 4 ounces) since 1985.

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