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415 Mountain Road, Holt/Easley House - Banister Farm

415 Mountain Road, Holt/Easley House - Banister Farm

Robert Holt Easley built the Victorian style house in 1876 for his bride and himself. There were later additions. The house with the tree in front was built as R. Holt Easley's law office and billiard room. His granddaughter Mildred Farrington now occupies it.

R. Holt Easley's namesake and grandson, Colonel R. Holt Evans, now occupies 415 Mountain Road. He is retired from the U.S. Air Force and is a graduate of U.S. Naval Academy class of 1958.

There are six outbuildings behind 415 Mountain Road - a smokehouse, kitchen, summerhouse, outhouse, pump house and stone ash house. This was the headquarters of a working farm until after World War II. This house has remained in the Easley- Evans family through three generations. R. Holt Easley and his wife Louisa passed away there, as did his daughter Mary Peacely Evans and her husband John Evans. There are now two further generations as Col. Evans has a daughter and son-in-law who reside in Spain with two children and a son R. Holt Evans Jr. and wife who reside in Greece with three children.

The land behind the building (35 acres) extends to the Banister River and is jointly owned by the five surviving grandchildren of R. Holt Easley. They are all frequent visitors to 415 Mountain Road.

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