Mountain Road Walking Tour
442 Mountain Road

442 Mountain Road

This Colonial revival house was built for Thomas Jefferson Green. His father was Captain Berryman Green, who served on George Washington's staff at Valley Forge. It was completely remodeled in the Greek Revival style by Mr. And Mrs. Edmund Eitel of Chicago, who came here after World War 11, due to a friendship with Mr. James Easley. Mr. Eitel was a nephew of the poet, James Whitcomb Riley.

According to the Halifax County Handbook of 1907, Mountain Road was, "one of the most beautiful streets in Virginia. " Much of the beauty derived is from its landscape, for it was during the period from the 1880's to the early 1900's that the setting for many of the houses were planned. This was undoubtedly influenced by the examples of the many neighborhood improvement societies which were then popular in America. Especially marked by this late 19th century influence is the property at 471 Mountain Road, known as Woodland.

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