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615 Mountain Road, Seven Oaks - Flournoy-Riley

615 Mountain Road, Seven Oaks - Flournoy-Riley

With its neighbor, 655 Mountain Road, Bonbrook shares six large oak trees that date to the 17th century. The trees figure rather prominently into the landscaped grounds of both dwellings.

Seven Oaks took its name from the large grove of trees. It should be noted that four houses-- 543, 575, 615, and 655 Mountain Road occupy what was originally the grounds of one house, that being Seven Oaks. The Flournoy-Riley place is located at the crest of Craddock Hill.

It was the home of Henry Edmunds who married a Riley daughter. The back portion of Seven Oaks may date back to Thomas Gent, Sr. 1774. In 1841, it was sold to Thomas S. Flournoy, U.S. Representative from 1841 to 1857. Judge John Riley added the front portion in 1881. In 1961, a local physician, who currently resides there, remodeled the home.

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