Mountain Road Walking Tour
726 Mountain Road, Old Library

726 Mountain Road, Old Library

This building was originally the Halifax County Library. It was built in the 1950's as a gift from Ambassador David K. E. Bruce, who also furnished the books for this library. Ambassador Bruce built and furnished libraries for Mecklenburg, Charlotte and 10 - 12 other Southside Virginia counties.

The Halifax county Handbook of 1907 noted that Mountain Road "only needs a more efficient macadamizing to make it thoroughly satisfactory." Since that time the town was formally incorporated and the road has been repeatedly paved. Concrete sidewalks have also been installed in front of a number of the residences, only a few of which have front fences. The iron fence of the Chastain Home is most elaborate.

While some of the newer residences are less that 50 years old and therefore do not qualify as contributing historic structures, they all maintain the residential scale of the Mountain Road Historic District.

Further down the road on the left about one mile is Woodside, the home of master designer, builder Dabney Cosby.

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