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Mountain Road Walking Tour
167 Mountain Road, Victorian Home

Victorian Home

Located next to the Methodist Church is a large Victorian home. Originally sold as just a house and a lot, J.M Carrington bought it in 1870 which was very heavily damaged by fire. There were three different Carrington families to own this.

It was rebuilt in 1880 and 1881 by Howard Cosby, son of Dabney Cosby, Jr. Howard maintained a brickyard in the town and worked as a mason throughout the county.
The Gazette-Virginian, March 6, 2002

The 250th Birthday of Halifax County will feature a Homes Tour Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. each day.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at each home.

Visitors may begin the tour on Rt. 659, River Road, Rt. 679, Deer Run Trail, Mountain Road, Halifax, Rt. 501 north out of Halifax or Rt. 40, Stagecoach Road. Red, white and blue ribbons will mark each home.

In Halifax you will find the Kyle Bowie Home at 167 Mountain Road.

In 1845, James Easley and William Carrington bought and registered "a parcel of land between the two churches on Mountain Road in Halifax." In 1870, the property was sold to a Carrington family as "a house and lot between the two churches on Mountain Road."

This house burned in the 1870's and the present house was completed around 1880. It was built by the son of Dabney Cosby, the builder of the Halifax Court House in the early 1800's.

The house was occupied by several families of Carrington's until 1918. It is rumored that this house was the first one in town to have a flush toilet, and that people used to stop by to see it.

The house is on three levels with the basement being an English type with windows on the back and sides. Each floor had four rooms and a central hall originally, however it was extensively remodeled in the 1960's & 70's. It has a wrap-around porch on the front and a porch on each of the three levels in the back.

There is a bay window to the left of the front entrance on the ground floor. On the right of the front entrance is the dining room and on the left is a living room.

Behind the dining room is the kitchen and behind the living room is the library-tv room panelled in cherry wood.

The basement level is now used for storage. The top floor was originally four bedrooms, but is now three bedrooms and two baths.

Col. Bowie served in the Army in the far east for a number of years and there are several screens and other items from Japan and China, including a large chow table from Japan.

The Victorian furniture in the living room came from the Hampton area. The heavy Victorian furniture in the library came from El Paso, Texas.

Other items of interest include a sword, walking stick collection, and a collection of hunting prints on the walls in the library. A Civil War battle print is in the living room.

The property consists of two acres of land, most of which is the back yard. For the past three years the Halifax Woman's Club contributed $212,000 to community endeavors and charitable projects.

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