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329 Mountain Road

329 Mountain Road

Victorian style wood frame home, distinguished by fanciful sawn trim, built in 1901 for Jacob Henry Hankins on land that was part of the Willingham Estate. The third generation of this family resides in the home at the present time.

From The History of Halifax County by P. Edmunds:
The J. H. Hankins house, now owned by his daughter Katherine H. Coles and his son's widow, Mrs. J.P. Hankins was part of the 7 7/8 acres W.W. Willingham bought in the seventies. Ollie L. Pierce and husband, John, bought 5.0 acres on March 8, 1895. Pierces sold Hankins 2.0 acres for $425 on September 10 1898. J. H. Hankins died in l916.

J. P. Hankins, Jr. built behind this house on a lot adjacent to Canterbury Estates suburb. The entrance to the suburb is where the Wilson-Dan Hankins house once stood. John R. Williams owned this lot, *earlier Russell Hughes.

From Hilda Moore Hankins:
According to books in courthouse the land was purchased in 1898 and in 1901 taxes were paid on buildings and land so it was built during that time. It was built by Jacob Henry Hankins, married to Sallie Edmondson. It has remained in the family.

In 1950 the family sold it to James Poindexter Hankins, Sr and his wife, Laura Vick Hankins and Katherine Hankins Coles, a duel ownership.

The house was made into two apartments without ruining the effect that it was still one house. On each side there is a living and dining room and bedrooms upstairs. Two kitchens now exist and each side has an added den.

Mr.Hankins died in 1964 and his wife died in 1978. At her death, son, James Poindexter Hankins, Jr. and his wife Hilda Moore Hankins inherited his half.

Mrs. Coles died in 1981 and her half was inherited by her daughter Frances Coles McClennan and husband, William McClennan. Since the death of both husbands, Hilda and Frances are co-owners.

Masonic Lodge seen at the left.
This Hankin's home was located next to the Masonic Lodge seen at the left and was torn down to make room for appartments.

There was a doctor's office on the left side of the home that was later saved from demolition and moved to Maple Avenue.
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