River Road Driving Tour

9096 River Road

Springfield has been the home of the Chalmers-Coleman families for over seven generations. David Chalmers built the mansion we see today in 1842. It occupies the land his father purchased in 1799.

The house was designed by Dabney Cosby whose son John Curd Cosby married David Chalmer's daughter, Elizabeth.

The front part of Springfield was built while the family lived in the old frame house just behind it. When the front was completed the old part was rolled away and the back wing erected. The brick was burned on the property, and Mr. Chalmers inspected each one of them, using the unsuitable ones to build the kitchen and dairy. The house has stone window and doorsills, locust exterior woodwork, including Ionic porch columns, and triple hung windows. Inside there are six rooms, each with a different mantel designed and constructed by Thomas Day.

During the Civil War there were as many as 20 refugees at a time at Springfield. General Custer camped in the front yard of the mansion near the end of the war.

2/10 of a mile west of Springfield, turn right onto Oaklevel Road (683).
After 2.2 miles on the right is - Redfield

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