Halifax County, Virginia   •  Historic District
South of the Dan Historic Tour
The area west and south of South Boston is noted for its many fine examples of architecture from the 18th & 19th century.
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Glennmary Glenwood Cedar Grove Bloomsburg Original Bloomsburg Red Hill Lynwood Wiley's Tavern Olive Branch Church Sunny View - Patrick Henry's Boys Home Woodhaven Cluster Springs - (Black Walnut) Elwood Traynham Oak Grove Plantation

The stage coach route from Norfolk to Milton, North Carolina, came through old South Boston, crossing the river about 4 miles upstream at Irvin's Ferry.

The coach would have stopped at the "Bloomsburg" store and post office (later to be renamed Danripple) at Glenn's corner and then headed south on Mount Carmel, or Stage Road, now Wilkins Road.

(More historic sites to be included later.)
Begin your tour at Glennmary.

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