Old Providence Presbyterian Church

Old Providence Presbyterian Church, Providence. Originally known as Halifax Church, Providence Church housed Halifax County's first Presbyterian congregation. Presbyterians spread through the southern Piedmont beginning in the mid-18th century. Halifax County's Presbyterians originally worshipped in the 1737 Cub Creek Church in Charlotte County.

By 1830 they determined to have a more conveniently located meetinghouse and soon erected the present structure. Eschewing any prideful architectural trappings, the little wooden building is basically enclosed space. Its small size reflects its original membership which numbered only twenty-six, including sixteen blacks. A singular feature of the plain interior is the horizontal plank cladding.

By 1926 the congregation had outgrown the building and moved on. The church then was used as a storage barn. It became the property of the Blanks-family in 1947 who in 1981 restored it as a family memorial. It is now in the care of the Blanks Memorial Trust, Ltd.

(41-113) VLR: 12/8/87: NRHP: 7/7/88.

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